Texture is central to how consumer products are designed and experienced.

But relying on highly abundant animals and plants limits the functionality and sustainability of existing texture solutions. By combining design, computation, and biology, we are leapfrogging incremental abundance-driven products and building category-defining, performance-driven texture products. Here’s an overview of our approach.


Designing Texture,
Molecule by Molecule
We scan the tree of life for nature’s best building blocks, and use them to build a molecular palette. These molecules are combined and computationally optimized for protein functionality. By developing a protein’s natural functionality without regard for its natural abundance, we design the best possible materials.


with Biology
We engineer organisms to build our designer proteins. They act as self-replicating factories, specialized in converting nutrients into performance ingredients. These cells act with breathtaking efficiency, speed and precision.


Precision Biological
We build our ingredients using a fermentation process that is similar to brewing. This highly controlled manufacturing technique allows us to produce ingredients with unmatched precision and accuracy. There are zero animal inputs used in our manufacturing process.


Our texture-defining molecules are then formulated into precise and sustainable turn-key solutions for our corporate customers across industries—food, beverage, and cosmetic to name a few—at massive scale.