Improving Billions of Lives Through Bio-design

Creating Proteins with the Best Properties Nature Allows

Co-founders Alex Lorestani, PhD, and Nick Ouzounov, PhD, were graduate students at Princeton University when they asked: Why has the consumer goods industry still not benefited from synthetic biology to the extent that medicine has? We no longer have to slaughter a pig and take its pancreas to get insulin, so why should we for gelatin and collagen?

Alex and Nick developed the idea of using biological information and fermentation technology to produce proteins with the best properties that nature allows, without harming animals. They successfully tested the concept at Indiebio, a renowned biotechnology start-up accelerator in San Francisco, in 2015.

In 2017, Geltor became the first company in the world to ship a synthetic-biology-enabled protein ingredient, using microbes designed to produce it. The company scaled their proprietary fermentation manufacturing process, and Geltor’s animal-free collagen (N-Collage™) launched in April 2018.