N-Collage™ Collagen for Unparalleled Skincare Performance

The First 100% Vegan Collagen Technology Delivering Superior Cellular Regeneration, Protection, and Derma-collagen Synthesis

N-Collage™ is the first-ever odorless and virtually colorless collagen ingredient designed for cosmetic applications. It delivers unmatched sensory appeal and in-formula stability compared to traditional bovine, porcine or marine collagen sources.

The protein solution is made using a sustainable fermentation process that converts renewable plant-based inputs into a pure, high-performance protein product.

In a recent clinical study, N-Collage™ delivered 5X greater moisturization versus marine Collagen, and increased skin firmness and elasticity by 26% in just two weeks.

Product Description

  • High-performance collagen ingredient created using biological information and a proprietary fermentation process
  • 100% animal free, consistent and predictable
  • Odorless and virtually colorless
  • N-Collage™ is a pure and completely defined 18 kDa protein ingredient, unlike animal-derived collagens
  • Low sodium and neutral pH
  • Certified Halal


  • Boosts collagen production in fibroblasts
  • Promotes recovery of keratinocytes following UVB exposure, reducing molecular markers of inflammatory response and UV damage
  • Demonstrated to protect keratinocytes from urban pollutants