One large step for gummy bears, one small step towards an animal-free economy

Geltor was featured on Fast Company’s article, “Meet The Startup Using Microbes To Brew Animal-Free Gelatin.” Check out the excerpt below.

“On the long list of problems facing the world, gummy bears don’t rank very high. But the candy–like yogurt, Frosted Mini Wheats, and many other foods, cosmetics, and drugs–is made with gelatin, and because gelatin is made from animal bones and tissues, it intersects with the much larger set of problems caused by factory farms.

While vegan alternatives to gelatin exist, they don’t work particularly well. So a Bay Area-based startup called Geltor is using genetic engineering to make animal-free gelatin that’s identical to the traditional product. The company programs microbes with the same genes that produce gelatin in animals and then uses those microbes to “brew” the product.”

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